Monday, 20 January 2014

New Wheelchair!

On the first Wednesday back at school after Christmas, me and my Mum went to pick up my brand new wheelchair. I am a full-time wheelchair user as I can't walk at all. This is my fourth wheelchair and so far, my favourite. I know that not many (if any) of you are wheelchair users but I know that I like to know what kind of chair people have got. So, mine is a Quickie Helium Pro in granite with an orange trim. Everything about it is designed to be light, making it weigh only 6 kg, which is crazy considering all the metal on it. It is really simple and practical, and I love it! I also have an anti-tip on mine (safety first) which is really easy to fold up and not much hassle. I have opted, for the first time to have a chair without handles, which was a scary prospect, but I am managing fine. Although at first I wasn't sure about the mud guards being so small, now its fine as long as I tuck my jacket into my belt. Overall, a great chair and if anyone is thinking about getting this chair, then I would recommend it. 

Holly x
Front wheel- I chose an orange trim.

Excuse the sleeping pug in the background!

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  1. What a sleek looking chair! The granite and orange finish is definitely an eye-catcher. And I'm sure it's quite sturdy too for it's size-mass ratio! Good for you for finding this chair and I hope it lasts long. Cheers!

    Havrey Foster @